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Reflexology in Rayleigh bordering Eastwood, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

Since working as a Reflexologist I have been presented with many different illnesses and emotional traumas. This has taught me that no two treatments can be the same because we each have different needs. With this in mind, my treatments are tailored to suit you and to offer you the best chance in getting the maximum benefits that Reflexology has to offer. Reflexology is not a 'quick fix' treatment but when used consistently can have very positive results. Over time I have worked with conditions such as psoriasis, stress and depression, back pain, sinus problems, digestive disorders, anxiety, overactive and underactive thyroid, diabetes, PCOS and many other conditions.

Reflexology believes the feet are a map of our body and its systems. Reflexology is said to work by applying pressure to specific points called 'reflexes' on the feet or hands. In doing this the body’s organs, glands and structures are stimulated helping to clear blockages and imbalances and restore the energy flow to the whole body.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

In my expereince most clients will see and feel a change at around treatment 3 or 4. This is when the body is cleansing itself from any toxins and begins to reach a state of balance also know as homeostasis. Sometimes imbalances within the body may be very minor and you may not even realise they are there. This may be because perhaps, you have other things on your mind, or there is a build up of other aches and pains and you feel generally run down. These are things we can cover during a treatment which will help me to tailor your sessions and will give you the best chance at feeling better and brighter. As well as this Reflexology may also have the following benefits;

  • Detoxification of the body at all levels
  • Increased circulation to the body
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Improved sleep
  • Rebalances bodily functions
  • Releases trapped energy
  • Stimulates over 7,000 nerve endings
  • Improved skin
  • A kick start to the body’s own healing abilities
  • Improves waste removal and elimination

    For more information or to make an appointment send me your enquiry or call me on 01702 524182

  • General Reflexology. Library Image: Sunflowers

    Reflexology and Stress

    The way we live in todays society comes with increased pressures surrounding our work/life balance. More and more we are struggling to get the balance right. This can have a large effect on our mind, body and spirit. Stress can manifest itself in numerous ways and we should not underestimate the 'knock on' effects it can have. I am sure you are familiar with the term Disease well separated this is Dis Ease a dis ease of the mind, body or soul can manifest itself eventually as a physical problem.

    Having a Reflexology session can be a powerful aid to combating stress. Naturally dealing with the situations or environment that creates or adds to your stress is paramount. Coming into my treatment room is your sanctuary of relaxation and you should use the time to do just that. By giving yourself permission to relax and switch of you will feel calmer and this will assist you in being able to cope with your stresses.

    Reflexology and Palliative Care

    Often I am asked if any of my treatments can help those whom are struggling to cope with pain, coming to terms with a terminal illness and feel anxious, depressed and have lost hope. Reflexology can be a very useful tool in which to offer someone in this situation. Reflexology and Palliaitive care can be used to help manage pain and I am here to offer support to the person and their families. A treatment can simply be comforting to the person and help them to relax the mind and body. It is important to remember that there is local support from Palliative Care Nurses, GP's, Social Services and other local agencies. You should not at any time substitute the support and care from these services for those of an alternative but rather use them in conjunction with each other.

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