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Maternity Reflexology #01

Maternity Reflexology in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

Pregnancy is a very important time in a womans life and I am here to offer you the support that you need, help make you comfortable and to take some of the anxiety and stress you may feel pending the birth of your baby.

During Pregnancy our bodies are far more sensitive than normal. Many hormonal and physical changes are taking place which can put great strain on the body and its systems. Having a baby is a wonderful event and very special time for a mum to be, so feeling positive and well is a major factor in how you feel about yourself and the pending birth. Often mums to be are worried and anxious about the upcoming change in lifestyle and wonder 'what will it be like?' 'will I be able to cope?'. Labour is a natural process but the thought of it can bring apprehension and anxiousness. However, this is a very small part to the start of your baby's new life. Reflexology and I am here is help you during pregnancy and in the lead up to labour. You may not believe me now but I promise there is life after labour.

I have been trained by the recently retired Val Groome who had built her knowledge and experience in Maternity & Fertility Reflexology over a period of almost 15 years. I am proud to say I am Val's recommended Maternity & Fertility Reflexologist in the local area and have been at a birth.

Reflexology during pregnancy is a very relaxing treatment. I am here to work with you and to relax you as much as possible. Reflexology may help with the minor ailments of pregnancy such as back ache, insomnia, fatigue, pelvic ache, symphysis pubis, headaches and morning sickness. Pregnancy is an emotional time and some women may feel more vulnerable. During a treatment can be a good time for you to discuss any worries or anxieties you may have pending the birth of your baby. Most importantly Reflexology is aimed to be supportive of you as a mum to be and to assist your body in giving the best conditions in which your baby can grow and flourish.

Maternity Reflexology #02

Can you measure and internal pelvis?

What a strange question to ask? Well actually its the first question you should ask any Maternity or Fertility Reflexologist. It is possible to measure the size of a womans internal pelvis by her feet. This is a very important part of establishing how the womans size, and shape of her pelvis may play a role during pregnany and labour. It may even be an indication as to any previous births that were problematic.

Pregnancy related conditions

The effects Pregnancy has on our bodies can create some unpleasant conditions. If you are struggling with backache, piles, constipation, morning sickness or maybe just feeling extremely tired, then Reflexology may help to ease the symptoms and make them more manageable. It may also help with other pregnancy related conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Heartburn/Reflux
  • Emotional Imbalances/Mood Swings
  • Fluid Retention
  • Fatigue
  • Pubis symphisis

    It is important to remember that these symptoms are very common. Tiredness and Fatigue are likely to increase during the first 3 months and last 3 months of pregnancy. Morning sickness should also subside by the end of the first trimester. However, if you are experiencing severe sickness throughout the day and are having trouble keeping water and food down then please contact your GP for advice as this may be a more severe case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

    Would you like to make and appointment then please email me now or call me on 01702 524182

  • Breech Babies

    Sometimes babies do not lay in the optimul positioning for birth and I am asked if I can turn babies. It is possible using Reflexology points to do this but in reality, there may be a reason that your baby is laying in such a position and so to turn a baby should never be done lightly.

    Reflexology before and during labour

    You may feel like you've been pregnant forever towards the end and begin to get fed up, uncomfortable, grouchy (well more than normal). You may also be starting to feel a little anxious or maybe even fearful of the unknown or worried about a previous difficult birth repeating itself. Be assured that these are very common feelings and I am here to help support you through this time and to help your mind and body to relax and prepare for labour. I will use breathing techniques and visualisations if needed or maybe you need the offer a safe place for you to express your deepest worries or fears without judgement.

    The image here is of me holding the beautiful baby Ella. I had the privilege of being present at her birth to give support and Reflexology to her mother in January 2013.

    Maternity Reflexology #03

    Having been at a birth I understand that it is a vulnerable time for a mother to be. With my support and help, it is possible to have Reflexlogy during labour all the way until delivery. Reflexology during this time may help you with:

  • the intensity of contractions
  • regulate the contractions
  • help you to relax and focus your mind

    Where possible I will be with you during all stages of labour, be it at home or in hospital. In addition to the Reflexology I am able to be a supporting birth partner if you wish. If you would like to speak to me or you have any questions then please call me on 07854 155979.

  • Reflexology Post-Term

    It is not uncommon for women to go beyond the 40 week gestation period. This can create anxiety as often we get fed up and I am asked to help 'get things going'. A baby will let you know when it is ready and that is very important. As a reflexologist and dealing with pregnancy, I am treating you as an expectant mother and not your baby. At 10 days or more post labour your midwife may discuss a medical induction process to start and accelerate labour. In this instance you may be looking to try Reflexology as an alternative to help induce labour. Please understand that I will only do this if you and your feet (your body) show me that you are ready along with the approval of your midwife or health professional.

    Read the review below to see how I helped this client throughout her pregnancy

    "I first visited Fay in September 2011 when I was 5 months pregnant for Pregnancy Reflexology. I decided to try the Holistic approach to my second birth after a traumatic first birth.I instantly felt relaxed and welcomed into Fay's home and found her completely approachable and professional at all times.Fay's "wonder hands" certainly worked their magic as my little one arrived a day ahead of schedule following a visit to Fay.I can't recommend her highly enough and already have a friend of mine visiting her for pregnancy reflexology." KS Feb 2012

    Reflexology Post-natal

    Reflexology is extremely beneficial during this recovery time. Your body has been through massive changes both emotionally and hormonally and will continue to do so for the next 12 months. Reflexology at this time can help to bring your system back into balance a little quicker than normal. This is particulary true if you have gone through the induction process or been stimulated with drugs to speed up or assist with establishing labour. Although it may seem an effort to arrange Reflexology at this time, it really is something worth doing to help speed up your recovery.

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