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Fertility & Reflexology #01

Sub Fertility

Sub Fertility is a term given to couples whom have not conceived after one year of unprotected intercourse. It may also include couples whom have previously conceived but have difficulties in conceiving again. Around one in six couples may have difficulty conceiving. Around 85% of couples will conceive naturally within one year if they have regular unprotected sex. However, the chances of becoming pregnant are much lower in older women. For couples who have been trying to conceive for more than three years without success, the likelihood of pregnancy occurring within the next year is 25% or less.

Reflexology during this time can show great benefit in taking the stress out of the situation by giving you time to relax and unwind. As Reflexology works by applying pressure to the systems in the body, it may bring you into a more balanced state including your hormonal system. You may not even be aware of an imbalance in your hormonal system but through Reflexology I will be able to see if this may be an issue. If so I will work with you in order to bring balance to your system. During this time I am here to support you and listen to what you may be feeling emotionally. There can be many issues surrounding your circumstances and you may feel alone and frustrated during this time. I feel my role is to offer you the understanding and support you may need.

Causes of Sub fertility

This is the million dollar question.... sometimes; there is no clear or diagnosed cause for sub fertility. This can bring feelings of frustration, anger and upset. In these cases I talk to you about diet, lifestyle and in making some changes to maximise your chances of conceiving. In other cases perhaps you are doing all you can and still no luck. Often there are known factors that may be contributing to you being unable to conceive such as Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS, Endometriosis, Male fertility issues etc please read on for more information on these topics. Either way this road can seem long and upsetting. However, there is hope and please read on to see my most recent success story.

The example below comes from two clients of mine;

HH & KH had been trying to conceive for their second child for 6 months before coming to see me for Fertility Reflexology. HH was having irregular periods, suffering with PMS and other hormonal symptoms. KH has a stressful job and travels long distances. After initial consultation HH showed signs of a hormonal imbalance. Using reflexology I began to work with HH to bring balance back into her system and within 6 sessions her periods were regular and her PMS symptoms minimised. However, still no pregnancy. We discussed diet, lifestyle and HH & KH committed to a clean eating plan and regular exercise with little or no alcohol consumption. After 9 sessions HH fell pregnant and they have the outcome they had wished for. FEB 2013

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Fertility & Reflexology #02

Diet, Stress & Lifestyle

All of these areas have great importance when trying to conceive. You wouldn't fill your car with the wrong fuel and still expect it to run at its best. Well the same is true for our bodies. Your body needs to become the best environment possible in order for a baby to grow. I will do my best to help you but in the end you also need to help yourselves to get the maximum benefits.

In order to do this you can start by eating a well balanced diet and taking moderate exercise. I would also advise cutting out the following toxins:

  • Alcohol: (It can damage the amount and quality of a mans sperm and affect the female hormonal system inhibiting you from getting pregnant)read more about Alcohol & Reproduction
  • Processed Foods:
  • Aspartame (all artificial sweetners)I suggest you look into this yourself, you'll be shocked by what you read.
  • Caffeine
  • Recreational Drugs

    Getting the 'balance' right is the key. Believe it or not too much exercise can also put a strain on your body and actually stop you from conceiving. In short, it puts too much stress on your body! Most importantly though you need to 'have fun' and enjoy your life. Trying for a baby can become all consuming and you may lose sight of the simple things in life. Why not take a walk and spend time looking at the flowers and have the sun shine on your face. That is food for the soul.

  • ***Link between excessive exercise and infertility***

    New research has been done into the link between excessive exercise and infertility. The extract below comes from the NHS Choices website.

    'Gym workouts ‘can hit pregnancy hopes’,” warned the Daily Express. It said research has apparently found that “superwoman workouts” triple the likelihood of fertility problems.

    This study found that women who performed high-frequency, high-intensity exercise had a lower rate of fertility. However, it does not prove that exercise actually caused these fertility problems, as this type of study can only show associations, not cause and effect. There are also other limitations, including an assumption that the participants’ physical activity levels remained the same over a 10 year period and a failure to take into account the fertility of the women’s partners. Several other factors, such as diet, may also explain the association.

    This finding should be viewed in the context of other studies in the same field, which have shown that maintaining an optimum weight is good for fertility. Moderate exercising (rather than excessive, exhausting workouts) is also likely to be the most appropriate type of activity for healthy women.

    From my experience, long term excessive exercise has led many women to see me with difficulties in conceiving. This is a tricky area beacause if your job is say a personal trainer, pilates instructor or a dancer then you can't just stop your career and hope for the best. However, you can manage your exercise load and routine. I strongly advise clients in this situation to re-assess their routine and look at alternative ways of keeping active without the strain.

    Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS


    Male Fertility Issues

    Hormonal imblances

    How are fertility problems diagnosed?

    Deciding to seek help

    What treatment is available?

    IVF & IUI

    Reflexology can be a supportive aid during fertility treatments such as IVF & IUI and it may reduce stress and help your body prepare for the increase in hormones.

    How may Reflexology help me?

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