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Reiki & Reiki Training #01

What is Reiki and how may Reiki help me?

When working with my clients I am always supportive and sensitive as to how a Reiki treatment may affect them. As Reiki has no known contraindications it is an excellent treatment to those of all ages and with medical conditions.

I could waffle on about what Reiki is and the history but as I'm sure you have already found there are a million and one websites telling you much the same thing. Quite simply it is a natural form of energy used for healing purposes. What will really benefit you is understanding how Reiki may help you as an individual. Well... it's something you have to experience for yourself. What happens during one treatment may not in the next and what one person experiences may not be what you experience and so it is a very indiviual journey. In short Reiki itself can be a wonderful experience and it may aid physical healing, clear mental and emotional blockages in turn balancing the emotions, bring a deep sense of relaxation and even help you to 'see things in a different light'.

To see a video explaining more about Reiki and the benefits click this link to

The Reiki Council

Please E-mail me or call 01702 524182 to discuss how Reiki may help you.

Reiki and Palliative Care

Reiki and its energy can be used as a support to those experiencing pain, those coming to terms with terminal illness or even those at the end of their battle. As an experience Reiki Healer and Spiritual Healer Counseller I offer comfort and help to ease the persons journey.

Reiki Training with Fay Preston Reiki Master/Teacher

Beginning your Reiki journey is an enlightening and fulfilling process. You will find yourself on a pathway of self discovery and be able to improve aspects of your life which may need healing and love. Overall you will find a new level of healing, love and compassion towards yourself and others. The joy of Reiki is that it can be practiced by anyone; you do not need any previous knowledge or experience, simply your intention to embrace this healing energy. It may be used purely for your own self development, although many who become attuned to Reiki are guided to use it to help others. Each new level of Reiki deepens your healing energy and will be a journey only you can go on. It will help you to enhance yourself and maybe show you your true potential. You may also become a healing light for those in need and find that your new found knowledge becomes of interest to those around you.

If you practise other therapies, then Reiki can enhance those treatments you already offer. Reiki has no connection with religious beliefs. It is based on the direct experience of those who practice it.

Reiki & Reiki Training #02

Reiki Training - Levels 1, 2 and Master/Teacher - How to prepare, course content.

Receiving Reiki Attunements will open up your chakras and is an extraordinary spiritual experience. To balancing your energies prior to the course will help to prepare you for the course and will also enhance the process for you. To gain the most from your Reiki training, I ask that you prepare yourself beforehand by following a natural wholefood diet for seven days before an attunement, during and seven days after. You may like to follow a "detox" regime although I do not ask you to. However, if you can eat a vegetarian diet, avoid caffeiene, excessive dairy, alchohol and avoid harsh antiperspirants this will help to eliminate toxins within your body. Also aim to drink at least two litres of water every day and try herbal (non caffeiene) hot drinks. This is a process which will enhance your expereinces whilst on the course and prepare you mentally for the Reiki journey ahead.

I teach the western style of Reiki known as the Usui system of Reiki. However, during my years of teaching and working with Reiki I may include some Eastern aspects of teaching for you to gain a wider knowledge of Reiki.

Reiki 1 is the fist level of training and covers:

1.) What Reiki is
2.) The Benefits of Reiki
3.) The History of Reiki
4.) Receive your attunements opening you up to the Reiki energy
5.) Self Healing, Grounding and Protection
6.) Cover some of the National Occupational Standards for Reiki

The course duration is 2 days at a cost of £130. One to one training is available please contact me for more information.

In order to attend training at level 2, you must have completed level one a minimum of 6 months previously.

Reiki 2 is the second level of training and covers:

1.) Receive your attunements
2.) Receive the three Reiki symbols understand their meaning
and when to use them.
3.) Distance Healing
4.) Cover in more detail the National Occupational Standards for
Reiki and offering Reiki to others.

The course duration is 2 days at a cost of £165. One to one training is available please contact me for more information.

In order to attend Reiki Master/Teacher level you must have completed both levels 1 & 2 and been practising for a minimum of 2 years. There are prerequisites for this course and you will need to attend Reiki shares, shadow me in treatments and complete 5 case studies.

Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master/Teacher Courses in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex


I am currently on maternity leave until September 2014 and so no dates are planned as yet. However, if you are interested in training after this time then please email me to register your interest E-mail me

If the above dates are not suitable then please contact me as I do offer one to one training (usually completed within one day)

Please E-mail me or call 01702 524182 for more information or to register your interest.

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